The Thompson Twins sang it best….lies are going to get you.  And while both the band and song is retro today, the message still rings current. Lies will get you every time. It is just a matter of when and how.

We all fib. We all tell small lies, usually at the hopes of sparing another’s feelings. Child saying he ate all his peas and loved them, when you can clearly see the dog chowing on them under the table. If the wife asks it the dress wore in 20’s still looks great on her in her 40’s, her hubby’s often say yes. If we are pulled over for speeding we say we did not see the speed limit sign we passed a mile back or if we roll a stop,  we say we missed it due to the overgrow brush.

We’re human. It happens.

So what happens when the harmless white lie escalates into the big fat ugly black lie? The one that harms and maims others. That’s when our nagging conscious sings that other little rhyme—Oh the tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive. And soon it becomes a chorus. Because when a lie is uncovered there is no turning back and most of the time there is no excuse or defense.

So how do we transform lies into something healing and positive? We regroup and not only change our thoughts and actions, we change our perceptions of who we were into whom we wish to be.

We do our best from this time forward to avoid the lie—even those tiny seemingly harmless ones— as they tend to have a way of escalating into new, bigger more destructive ones—to others and to ourselves. Instead we try to as best we can find a new playbook and zone. We try to Live Integrity Everyday.


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