Alison Blasko

SpirareLife—The word spirare means to breathe in Latin.  Life is ours to mold and claim as our expression of love for this world.  Emphasizing the power of the intention of breath, SpirareLife provides a customized toolset with which to live a life of spiritual fulfillment and self-empowerment. It incorporates breathing exercises, yoga, Tai Chi, reflexology/pressure points therapy, journaling, art, prayer, and meditation. The SpirareLife philosophy contends we are unique individual expressions branching from the same tree. The SpirareLife motto is breathe with intention for good for all.


Healing with Acronyms—transforms words into acronyms. The acronyms for the positive words re-enforce the original word; the acronyms for the negative words deflect the negativity of the hateful word and transform it into one of positive energy.


Daily Practice—provides a quote for meditation and reflection and an excerpt from the SpirareLife routine with which to use as part of your SpirareLife practice at home.


Alison Blasko—Alison is a Los Angeles-based writer and trained oncology massage therapist who created SpirareLife as a means with which to deal with the profound grief from the loss of her beloved life partner and after suffering a stroke in 2020.  It is her hope that the toolset and practice she created can help others as it has helped her.

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