I’m going to share a story about some of my experiences and ‘evolutions’ over the last month, in hopes that you’ll be able to relate and be inspired to make some of these same leaps yourself.

We enter the stream of events on a day my laptop decided to slow to a crawl while I was, as usual, trying to get a ton of things done. I ran a system check and the screen spit out an error code. The solution? Re-install my original OS. Fun. This meant, or so I thought, wiping my system completely clean and back to its original settings, requiring me to re-load all my docs and files from my back-up drive.

Insert: ten minutes of  “crap, grumble, sigh, damn,(expletive, expletive), groan.”

Once that fog lifted, I saw an opportunity. If my system were wiped clean, it could be a perfect time to be discerning with what to restore from my back up. So I asked myself, “Self, what’s in the system that’s not being used, occupying space or taking energy, without which I’m better off?”

I don’t tend ask questions of one thing in my life without them echoing through every part of my life. What would a Life re-set look like? What’s been hoarding my attention, my time and my energy, that has nothing to do with my true (though sometimes sidelined or ignored) Purposes and Intentions? What’s still in here that’s not in Integrity with Me and how do I actually do a ‘Human Re-set?!”

For me it began with the very simple act of a haircut.

Before and After Picture

It was a lovingly offered sacrifice, meaning ‘to make sacred’. The opportunity presented itself during one of the final steps of a recently completed course called the Universal Kabbalah Ascension Series. It’s a year-long immersive journey facilitated by the Universal Kabbalah Network (universalkabbalah.net) as part of my studies as an initiate with The Modern Mystery School. We were instructed to come up with something small that had positive meaning for us to give as an offering of Self that symbolized our dedication to a higher purpose; a gesture of humility to prep us for a meditation and ritual that evoked a profound sense of humility, gratitude and reverence.

With my ponytail gone and humility so engendered, “I” gave way and let go. The aspect of me so committed to creating an image and a personal story just seemed to drain out. I was left neutral and objective with nothing to hold up or maintain. During the week that followed, with my thoughts and attention so freed, my focus naturally returned to the work I’m here to do. Ok. OS reinstalled, and preferred files re-loaded. Check!

A week later I was having one of those deflating conversations with mom and dad, when I got my second lesson in humility. I was car shopping online and while I thought of my choices as being reasonable, their suggestions were still more conservative.  The missing piece here is that the money is family (their) money, given to me, and traditionally speaking (can already hear me defending), not earned. This is of course, all within context, and still, the point is made. I roiled at their conservative direction, briefly, and then the awakened humility stepped up and walked me through the rest.

I caught a hold of myself and all of my ‘reacting’ and made a silent commitment to listen; to not fight. ‘Breathe, hear what they’re saying and let it in. This is not my money. This is all a gift: value it, appreciate it, learn this lesson years in the making’. Not only did it change the potential course of that conversation but it also initiated another series of thoughts that are still working their way through me; ‘there’s nothing wrong with my ‘wants’. The issue was in my reaction.’ It was from a very young boy who just wanted what he wanted.

There’s a word for this. Entitlement. What an ugly word. It feels like rust in the gears and the height of arrogance. Yuck. Yuck.  Nothing like admitting your adolescent self is still running the show sometimes.

We also call it a Shadow when we’re being run by an unconscious story, and the moment you acknowledge it, it moves and begins to dissolve, unwind and heal. How do you stay present, conscious in this new relationship to it? Through humility.  The more you do this, the more you surrender the image you’ve been projecting all along. In these instant and incremental shifts, the freed up energy and attention can be re-directed to either another shadow or to your truth. It’s in these moments that you once again have the choice.

It’s not a pretty path, but I promise you it’s powerful, and it’s the only way to make genuine progress in your life in relation to things you’ve refused to do before. This starts with sacrifice and humility, and ends with the beautiful and authentic fulfillment of the person you came here to be. That’s Integrity; back in the saddle.

 Here are some questions and ideas to help you along.

  1. Explore what the concept of ‘humility’ means to you (I’ll write about this soon).
  2. If you were to offer a sacrifice, something small with positive meaning and value to you, as a symbol of dedication to your higher purposes (and thus, made “sacred”) what might it be? (If you wish to do this and have questions, please email me. I’m happy to offer guidance.)
  3. List five expressions of your Truth to which you would shift your focus were you to drop your Image.
  4. Next, create a vision-board or similar creative project depicting your most remarkable self. Set ALL limits aside and soar with it. Be sure to include the work to which your freshly unleashed energy would be devoted. You’re invited to message me for more details & instructions.
  5. As always, pay attention to your dreaming.

Vision Board

Mr. Levitt is the founder of Moon Temple Dreaming, his business practice teaching dreaming as a skill-set. Coming from the perspective that everything begins in the dreaming, that ‘the dreaming’ is an ongoing reality, accessible while seeping and waking alike. He suggests that a key is to have a relationship with your dreams, offers possibilities for what that means, and ultimately, what you can do with it. No matter where you are with your dreaming, these skills build from there. Through private sessions, workshops, radio shows, web pages and a unique, herbal Dream Blend of his own design (available as both a tea and eye pillow), Jason seeks to help you know yourself again. You can learn more at moontempledreaming.com, and on the FB group under the same name.

For more insight, Dream and Life Coaching, Dream Tea & pillows, healings, activations and ‘Re-Set’s, email him at Jason@moontempledreaming.com


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