There’s so much discussion about power nowadays. A higher power. Political power. Power of the people. Not to be left out are empowerment, power corrupts, powerful and powerless.

But what is power? Why does one person feel powerful, another empowered and yet another powerless? What creates these divergent elements of power?  And whose power is it really?

It is ours.  It belongs to each and every one of us.

For truth is we all have power. We are all equally capable of being powerful, empowered or even powerless at any given time and place. Sometimes we are even experiencing degrees of all three variations simultaneously.

For in order for one to be powerful, one must merely take command over one’s life and life situations–good or bad. To be empowered, one must merely dwell within an inner state of faith, trust and hope; one must believe that regardless of what one faces that the dawn will rise again, the rainbow will wipe away the storm clouds.

To break the circle of powerlessness, one must merely stop giving away one’s power to another–be it another person or be it a situation. Nothing, not even a prison–be it literal or figurative, or even a self-imposed one–can render one powerless unless one chooses for that to occur.

So be empowered, be powerful and reclaim any power you may have surrendered to another or to a life situation and watch the mysterious and miraculous transformation it generates in your life.

Don’t be a victim. Be a victor. Take charge and become the architect of your own story and life. Do it with kindness and respect for others and most of all have fun living each day and every moment to the fullest.  Make every second sacred.  Make every breath beloved.


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