Remember that childhood game Truth or Dare? We’d often opt for the dare as to avoid having to tell the truth. But when it came to time to tackle the dare, we’d shake with trepidation. It takes courage to venture into new unproven ground and many times our wildest dreams await us at the end of the journey. 

But the road there is another thing. It is often paved with stumbles and bumps, disappointments and gaffes, so we decide to give up. We decide that taking the risk of the dare is simply not worth the possibility of defeat.

Therefore a dare equates with fear in our minds—impending danger. But what if we chose to see the dare as a chance to change things up a bit and venture into a whole new realm of unlimited possibilities? Then a dare becomes a challenge and a goal and achieving it can even be fun. Dreams are reality eventually, if you DARE to try.


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