Hope– heralding the energy of hope is the core to human essence and survival.

Without hope, the spirit—the sense of ones’ purpose—diminishes and eventually dwindles and dies. Without hope, one cannot see the promise of the rainbow waiting behind the storm, the promise of a reprieve and a new beginning. Without hope, one cannot see the optimism of today let alone tomorrow, not to mention the purpose of living everyday thereafter.

It is at times difficult to have hope. Especially during these days of Covid, political division, and isolation.  But without hope we might as well just give up and quit.

And yet we can’t quit, and for those of you who are not familiar with my QUIT acronym for healing, QUIT means—Quickly Uncover Inspirations Triumph.

Still there are times when we do want to quit. Or when we actually do quit. God knows I fall prey to it. I have given up hope and quit.  Depression, anxiety, worry, fear seem normal nowadays. We have lost jobs, loved one, daily interactions with family and friends.  We have all experienced this. And for me at times the losses have been to0 great.

But then I think of HOPE. The meaning of hope. The message of hope. The promise of hope.

And I surrender to it. While I may not succeed everyday, I try as best I can to pick myself up and live by my personal code of HOPE.

Herald Optimism Purpose Everyday—because I know that for me that is my attempt to live a life striving for a better day and a better way for myself and those I interact with. Is this mere pie in the sky wishful, senseless thinking? No. It is a code with which choose to live by with the belief that I can change my life and hopefully the lives of those who interact with me.

So let’s spread some HOPE and most all of let’s show through our daily lives that we believe in the power of HOPE.


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