“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be”—Lao Tzu

When I was young I had my share of traumatic events in my life. Just like you! One thing that I’ve learned is that these events had no meaning. They were just things that happened in my life. Then, I applied meaning to them. Most times it was a subconscious decision, an instantaneous reaction to what was happening. There was no knowledge or wisdom that guided these decisions other than an instinct or the patterns that were already present in my life that I learned from my parents or other authority figures. When meaning is applied to an event, they became experiences. Through those experiences I created beliefs about myself, about life, about other people and about the world I live in.

Example: My parents divorced when I was five years old, and my father moved out of the house. He was only 25 and still learning how to be a good father to two growing boys. Having to face the dismantling of his family was extremely difficult for him. Because of this, I didn’t see him nearly as much. The meaning I applied to that event was that when you love someone, they leave. This was a subconscious belief or decision that I made about life and relationships. I also made a decision that my voice wasn’t important. My parents never asked me for my opinion about their separation and I actually remember having the thought, “my opinion didn’t matter,” while my father was telling us he would be moving out. At five years’ old I created limiting beliefs and made decisions that would begin to shape so many aspects of my life. What limiting beliefs have you created for yourself? Some of the most common are:

I am not worthy of…

I am not good, strong, or smart, enough…

I am not loved…

I don’t deserve…

I don’t have enough…

Do any of these resonate with you? Of course, we all own a little bit of at least one of these phrases and can probably see how they are currently affecting our lives. These are the phrases that we are unconsciously identifying with and aligning to. You’re probably wondering, “How do we get rid these belief patterns?”

Answer:  We create new affirming beliefs to identify and align with.

Knowledge vs. Wisdom

Having knowledge is useful because it gives you a starting point and possibly direction toward a goal. The saying “knowledge is power” is true for this very reason. Knowledge has now become your GPS. So we plug in our starting point and our desired destination and set off on a quest. Your GPS tells you which streets to take, how far to go before you turn, which way to turn, and how long the trip will take. It can even reroute your trip if you miss a turn.

Wisdom, on the other hand, is what we gain from having experiences. Wisdom comes from living in the area for a while and taking multiple routes to the same destination. Having wisdom tells you that a particular street will be flooded with traffic or that there’s a gas station that is on a different route to the same destination. Knowledge can give you direction, but wisdom gives you awareness and resource.

The key is to have wisdom of who you are. Wisdom comes from experiencing wholeness. The universal law of correspondence states very simply, “as above, so below, as below, so above”. This is referring to the harmony that is present in everything. For the purposes of this article let’s change that phrase to, “as internal, so external, as external, so internal.

So everything that is occurring in your external life is a direct reflection of what is happening in your internal universe. If you want to experiment with this, try changing something within yourself and watch everything in your physical universe shift to reflect that change. It’s a very interesting and liberating experience.

“We do Tai Chi so that we are not an awkward obstacle in the unfolding of the universe.”—Master Abraham Lou

When we are centered, we experience the world as an extension of self. Our own consciousness is interwoven and interrelating with divine consciousness. Like a single thread of a rope, continuously spiraling in both directions. From the conception of every-thing (present moment) to the infinite expanse of no-thing (past and future) and we have very tangible insight to everything in between. We are the physicality of consciousness.

Consciousness is the organizing force that directs and informs the energy to take shape in our physical universe. This means that everything tangible and intangible in our lives is there as a result of thought, or formations of consciousness. As we awaken to this reality we are able to see just how we are co-creating our experiences with divine consciousness.

Tai Chi applied as a moving meditation teaches us experientially that when we align our bodies with conscious breathing and affirming thoughts we generate the experience of being one with both ends of the spectrum, and eventually, everything around us. We experience the ever-changing nature of the whole as a natural occurrence and are not bound by any one way of being. Everything becomes amorphous and every event is a moment in time, leading to the next moment, and then to the next. There is no desire to judge. Therefore, events are easily reshaped in our minds and released without attachment. We are left the experience of now.

Belle = Beauty

Re~Belle  = to regain beauty

I invite you to Re~Belle…

“When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky”—The Buddha-

 Jordan Ross Allen is a Holistic Intuitive Bodyworker and the creator of what is called Mystical Tai Chi. For 15 years, he has been assisting clients in their healing by integrating massage, nervous system and energy work modalities that best resonate with each client. As an instructor at the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing for 13 years, he has mastered the dynamics of guiding groups and individuals through experiential life changing processes.

 Jordan has been practicing Tai Chi for 15 years and loves sharing his insights of this transformative moving meditation with others. He teaches in groups and privately to actualize healing, increase awareness of energy medicine, and ultimately, to assist humanity in expressing the divine truth that we are infinite creative beings.

In Jordan’s words, “Tai Chi is an energy based medicinal martial art form and esoteric language that speaks directly to and through our body, mind and spirit. Practicing Tai Chi moves and clears energy blockages to strengthen and align our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. By utilizing the slow rhythmic rotational movements, which are guided by dynamic conscious breathing, we are able to become better conductors of energy. Mystical Tai Chi combines shamanic wisdom and imagery as an enhancement to this powerful moving meditation. In doing so, our relationship to the world around us becomes a mystical expression of our expanded consciousness.”



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