Are you in integrity with yourself? It’s a key to living an unleashed life.

People can see it in your eyes, hear it in your voice, and experience it through what you do and whom you choose to be.

It shapes your choices, guides your relationships, and helps you sleep well or keeps you from it. It’s what connects you to people and movements around the world. Your personal Integrity as a human, being, dissolves all boundaries of skin color, gender, and financial status. It crosses barriers of language and geography.

This year, 2013, is about re-discovering and re-creating yourself. As we travel through this planetary rebirth, emerging from the intensity of the recent full moon, all the recent eclipses, 12.12.12., the end (and beginning) of the Mayan calendar, the Winter Solstice, and NYE, it’s put to you to pay attention to and feel the influx of energies, to embrace them, flow with them, and harness them. How’s that happen?

One way is to make a Vision Board.

Jason Levitt’s Integrity Vision Board

Putting a future vision of yourself into form sets the stage for living into that You. Focus on who you desire to be by the end of the year, in five years, in twenty years. What would you most love this next year to be? What would bring you the most pleasure, the most fun, the most fulfillment? What would be more inspiring than anything else you can imagine?

(Vision Board isn’t your thing?  Get creative: use art of any kind through which you can generate the experience, out here in the world, of what your life might look like when you’re in full self-expression.)

Let this be a seed planting. See your visioned self as clearly as you can.

Take some time with it. How do you see your home looking? Would your relationships take a shift? What qualities do you want to embody more? Only put on the vision board what you want to see grow.

 Here are some more ideas to play with, beyond the vision board

  • Spend 1-2 hrs a day working on what brings you the most joy – This is huge!
  • Make a list of five places in your life where you’re out of integrity with yourself.
  • List one action step for each that you can take this week.
  • List five places where you already see changes you desire to make.
  • List five things for which you forgive yourself.
  • List three friends whose integrity is an inspiration to you. Share it with them.
  • Watch your dreaming! All of who you are, and who you’re becoming, begins in the dreaming.

We’re crossing boundaries this year, breaking through what’s held us back, and we need your part; the part that only you have, without which the rest of the vision doesn’t hold. Being in Integrity with yourself reveals these Truths of who you are.

So, what happens now?

You’re launching, and we’re excited for your gifts; your ideas, your projects; the newest evolution of You. If you’re something of a perfectionist (like me), remember; aiming for excellence is beautiful, but don’t keep your gifts shrouded in secrecy while tinkering and figuring details too long. Get them as good as you can and put them out there. Let it be messy if that’s what it needs to be at first. Go back and clean it up later. What you’re launching, the You being unveiled, benefits us all and we need the genius, the brilliance, and the love you have to share; the gift of you, the true you.

When your heart and mind are aligned with your values, expressed through your actions, you’re in Integrity with yourself. When your actions are an expression of your integrity, they can’t help but move you towards being more of who you desire to be; for yourself, your family and loved ones, your community, and the world at large. Thank you, for being you, here, now.

And welcome to 2013!

From the dreaming with love,


Mr. Levitt is the founder of Moon Temple Dreaming, teaching dreaming as a skill-set. He believes everything begins in the dreaming and that dreaming is everything; both sleeping and waking. He teaches how to have a relationship with your dreams, what that means and what you can do with it. No matter where you are with your dreaming, these skills build from there. Through private sessions, workshops, radio shows, web pages and a unique, herbal Dream Tea he designed, Jason seeks to help you know yourself again. You can learn more about Moon Temple dreaming at, of the FB group: Moon Temple Dreaming


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