Fear is a part of the human condition. Some (and I agree with respect to an emotional response) say fear is the opposite vibration of love. A lower vibration of the same energetic pulse that resonates love. In this respect fear is the precursor to disdain and hate. It is a selfish fear.

Fear is also a primal instinctual response.  A practical one. A fight or flight response that is imperative for survival. If an attacker comes your way and you do not have the resources to dissuade or divert the attacker, then yeah….it is best to let fear kick in so you can find a way to elude the attack and survive.

Cavemen did it and we do so today.  

Still the fact is that the predator would not seek you out had you not given off a sense of inferiority and weakness.  If you dwell in a space of awareness and strength, you will never be sought out as prey. Just the way it works. It’s a law of nature. But that’s another topic and one for another day.

Fear of the unknown, however, simply because it is a foreign experience to us is not only irrational, it is a detriment to our growth, lives and purpose.

When faced with such a fear—such as fear of flying, public speaking, or fear of an unfamiliar culture–ask yourself why is this fear surfacing and how can I overcome this? Ponder what aspect of you is meant to grow and alter by this encounter.  Contemplate ways you can  face and resolve the fear and how you can perhaps see it as a means and ways to introduce yourself to aspects of culture, others and life experiences that had previously not been considered.

In this case, try to transform your fear into the deflective, reflective  acronym….. focus your energy and adjust your response.  You just might be pleasantly surprised by what you experience, find and learn. I know that I have been when I adhered to this principle. And believe me, I knew the concept of fear well….on all levels.


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