New beginnings / New Normal


I was working on this post when I heard about the tragic death of Whitney Houston.  While the cause of her death has yet to be determined, one thing we do know is that during her life she battled addiction. A condition that knows neither boundaries nor containment based upon social, economic, racial, religious, gender, sexual preference or geographical  commonalities or definitions.

There are many forms of addiction—drugs, alcohol, codependency, food, gambling, sex, love, internet, gaming……the list is pervasive and endless.

What is a commonality among all types of addiction are the elements of fear, shame, loss of self-respect and self-hatred to some varying degree. These are the binding factors.

Addiction is a disease caused by dis-ease. It is a poison to the spirit, body, self and soul. When trapped in the throes of addiction—whatever the poison du jour may be—one does so because it enables one to disconnect, become numb. To escape.

The grand master of delusion and illusion, addiction anesthetizes us from deep-seeded pain, which is always at the core root of every addiction thread. And in today’s fast-paced, wired yet still oft disconnected, world the problem is accelerating. At a rapid and alarming pace.

Addiction can be overcome but it is not an easy let alone painless process. It requires hard work, patience, a phenomenal support system, acceptance, forgiveness, courage, strength and love, most of all a way to regain self-love and self-acceptance with the realization that the past can no longer harm or affect us.  Unless we let it.  Which of course is what addiction feeds upon—insecurities, pain and fear.

So if you or a loved one or even just an acquaintance is facing addiction, send the healing acronym mantra above into the universe. Most of all, send resources, thoughts, words, and deeds of compassion, guidance, and hope the direction toward the one facing the addiction. Help them find the way to attain and maintain balance and a new normal. One that excludes all forms of addiction. Pray for healing of the soul as well as healing of the body.


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