Yet but a few years ago the topic, let alone condition, of cancer was taboo. The mere mention of the word incited such fear that some felt it could be transmitted by osmosis. It was an enigma.

This fortunately has changed and the education and awareness not to mention research, treatments, compassion and care has flourished exponentially. Still, this has not quelled the incident rate of cancer.

Today statistics report that cancer is the second leading cause of death and that 1.4 million new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year in America alone of which 570,000 Americans will die.

Recently researchers have discovered a possible vaccine, or perhaps even a future cure for the disease. But in the meantime cancer is a condition that will affect us either personally via someone we know and love who contracts the condition, or peripherally as we will know someone who knows someone with the condition.

Cancer is literally cells gone wild–the problem is that cells going wild are destructive, deadly ones. In the process they consume the healthy cells. Treatment involves mass destruction of these crazy cancer cells, which is good. But the flipside is that the treatment also weakens the immune system and destroys the healthy cells as well.

All of this can leave a person not only physically exhausted but also mentally exhausted.

It has been proven that there is immense healing capacity behind the power of thought and intention, even words. Masaru Emoto’s ground breaking work on studies involving words, prayer, intention and the subsequent effect on water crystals has been touted worldwide.

Traditional treatments are imperative. As is the continuous research into the condition with a quest for a vaccine or cure. But on an energetic level we can all play a small part in the quest–by deflecting the connotation of the word–cancer–and transforming it into an acronym with the intent to transmute and heal.

Additionally, while we are all acutely aware of the physical manifestation of the dis-ease, aka in the body, there can also be a spiritual manifestation.

Cancer, which is basically unhealthy cells gone wild, can also manifest as unhealthy thoughts or perceptions gone wild. A cancer of the spirit, of one’s self worth or inherent goodness–that one is unloved–is just as destructive in many ways as a physical manifestation of cancer that resides in the body.

This too needs to be deflected and healed. A wise pioneer in the field of oncology massage told me recently that the world OM is the acronym for oncology massage. Dr. Wayne Dyer and numerous contemporaries and even sages that predate him consider OM to be one of if not THE most vibrationally perfect, restorative, healing sounds–the sound akin to a connection with the divine.

Perhaps if we could all concentrate and send a mantra of Cure All Now; Compassionately Effect Recovery, followed by an OM–

We could send prayers and an energetic vibration that would be of assistance to the researchers who purportedly are close to a vaccine and/or cure for the dis-ease. And if nothing more we would be sending healing energy, love and thoughts to all whom are experiencing cancer, either in the form of destructive cells in the body gone wild or in the form of destructive thoughts in the mind gone wild.






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