It is my humble opinion that offering a group healing—such as prayer for the planet or for an oppressed group of individuals—is quite different than when trying to perform an individual healing of a specific person.

In the case of the latter, it is my humble opinion that permission from the recipient is not only imperative but also mandatory. This has been the common thread and general consensus I have acquired—based on insights, conversations and the experiences of many individuals from divergent walks of life—be it leaders of the mainstream religions, physicians and experts in Western medicine or energy healers who come from and Eastern medicinal background and perspective.

The reasoning?

Most reputable healers ask permission. Western medical professions—be it doctors or surgeons require a consent form. Energy practitioners ask permission and many ask for an intention and focus for the healing session. Even many prayer chains at churches ask that the individual has given consent for the prayer for healing. Why? It acknowledges respect for human dignity, choice, the situation faced and the person involved.

It also has to do with power.

If one does an unauthorized or unnotified healing of another—then that is about the ego and arrogance of the “healer” performing the healing so to say. It offsets the balance of power—making the healer powerful and in charge and worse superior, and the recipient of the healing either incompliant or worse powerless.

Healing is all about restoring balance to the body/mind/spirit and more importantly it is about finding a way to enable the person to regain his/her personal power and control over whatever illness or situation it is that is holding them captive.

Not all situations require or need healing.

Perhaps what the healer sees as in need of healing is really a means and way that the individual dealing with the situation has chosen in order to teach others.

A perfect example of this is one that was relayed to me by one of my revered mentors. He mentioned he was at a family holiday dinner once. One of the members of the family had Down’s syndrome. The family started arguing about politics, which upset the young child with Down’s syndrome greatly.

Several members of the family chided the child and said—it was okay and to not worry; another member said—maybe we should get a healer to cure the child from his illness. My mentor said—this child is your teacher but you are not listening. There is nothing wrong with his spirit or soul and to imply so is arrogant. He said—he is upset by the anger and division of the conversation; perhaps we should listen to him instead of scold him and learn that harmony, not division is the answer and that all is not as it appears on the surface.

My point is that sometimes that which we perceive as an illness or a weakness or in need of healing is already perfect and healed as is and additionally it just may be something that is here to heal/teach us to alter our thinking with regard to antiquated, preconceived notions and ideas.

Finally, and most importantly, I think it is presumptuous to think anyone can heal another. Healers, be it in Western med such as doctors and surgeons, or in Eastern, as in energy healers, which runs the gamut of Reiki, acupuncture, body workers etc, are conduits. They are gifted and skilled facilitators of a unique skillset that establishes the parameters with which the individual/recipient of these gifts and skills is able to heal oneself.

It all pertains to a body/mind/spirit connection and once the conditions are right, the body/mind/spirit will heal itself.

I have another great mentor in my life who has thru energy work healed many people. One day I said to her—you have such a gift; you heal people with a touch. She most seriously said, you are so wrong. I merely create the conditions in which the person is ready and able to heal oneself. No one has the power to heal another; one can merely facilitate the opportunity for healing; but all healing when it is said and done is self-healing. But the time and the conditions must be right. And there are those of us—be it a gifted surgeon or a gifted energy worker who assist in the cause.

Even Jesus of Nazareth—who was basically an energy healer and Reiki Master among other things– said to the cripple—pick up your bed and walk. He didn’t say…I will pick up your bed so you can walk.  He didn’t say I will heal you myself so you can pick up your bed and walk. He said to the man—pick up your bed and walk. He was a facilitator via his gifts of healing. A conduit. A prompt.  But in the end it was the cripple who healed himself. For he stopped living by limitations. He stopped seeing himself as a cripple and began believing that he was healed.

Again, this is all just my humble opinion based upon my life and life experiences. It is what I have found to be my truth. I grew up as a preacher’s kid and once believed that Jesus was the cure for all and that he would cure all; that he was the one and only savior and the rest of us were damned to dwell in his shadow for we were born into sin…..

But as I lived and experienced life I began to realize that Jesus came here to teach us how to life in accordance with spirit, how to live as he set in his example on earth, and that includes how to heal ourselves and how to facilitated the proper conditions so others can heal too. If any of it works for you great—if not…thanks for letting me share.



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