Road rage. Roid rage. Relationship rage. We’ve all lived it. Fact is we’ve either directed it toward another or had it directed toward us…or both.

We live in difficult times. Our planet seems to be in disarray. Hope seems to have segued into hopelessness; or worse hope seems to be an attribute to the Pollyannas who have no concept of reality.

Reality, however, is what we create and we create that which we believe. Therefore, we have the control to make this world that which is what I believe we all at our innermost cores seek–one of equality, opportunity and hope for a better way that will in turn create a better day.

But rage is a part of the process whether we like it or not. Rage we feel when we fail at a quest; rage others direct at us, most times undeservedly on both accounts.

So how can we counteract rage–whether an emotion we are feeling within or one that someone is directing toward us?

We must find a way to deflect it.

Perhaps if next time we ourselves feel rage or feel it headed our way from another, if we could take a step back, take pause and state–verbally or internally– the mantra–Reject Aggression Generate Empathy–then maybe the rage would dissipate and in time become obsolete for it would no longer have power let alone any merit for our lives and for others.




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