Ten years ago today, I, the world, watched in horror as the Twin Towers burst into flames. Innocents were lost that day. Innocence was lost that day. America the great had crumbled and fallen like Humpy Dumpty.  And the world has never been the same since.

But while all the king’s horsemen and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again, the unity  and neighborly bonding that occurred immediately after the unconscionable act of the terrorists proved the resilience of the human spirit.

Unpredictably for the terrorists assumptions and goals that unity and sense of kinship occurred across the globe.

It was universal. It united us. And it united warring American Democrats with warring Republicans and more importantly peaceful Muslims with peaceful Christians. Not what the terrorists had hoped for nor I suspect had they expected and that was the monkey wrench tossed into their grand plan.

So why was the terrorist’s plan of ultimate division thwarted?

Because the human spirit is universal and always interconnected whether we like it or not. If we collectively invoke hate; hate is what we collectively will acquire. If we however collectively invoke perseverance in the name of love then that is what we will collectively achieve. Universally.

For the truth is that even if we are attacked tortured and maimed, if an ounce of hope, a flicker of light prevails, then we will never fall. Let alone fail. Light always overshadows  dark (pun intended). It will always prevail for spirit (light) is indestructible.

That celestial truth is the impetus behind today and the one propelling us into tomorrow. It is the legacy of the sung and unsung heroes of 9/11, and most of all of the sung and unsung heroes of our personal lives.

So let us honor them all. Not just on 9/11 but everyday. Let us remember the footprints–their unique personalized imprints- that our loved ones long since gone have left upon this earth.

It is our duty as survivors to remember fallen heroes, fallen victims, fallen loved ones, fallen fellow humans.

The best way to do that is to live life in accordance with a code of integrity, kindness, love, and respect–to live life as an homage and tribute to their lives. And to stop obsessing about the needs of our personalized, individual lives.

When in doubt of what to do, or of how to discern what this is, think of a lost loved one whom you revered and ask what they would do. Then act accordingly.

For your action will become a direct accolade to them, a SALUTE if you will. And not just any salute, but a 20-gun military salute.

So siren it and then send them a thank you from the depth of your gratitude. They will know, for we are always connected in spirit. Death upon this realm is not the end. It’s just a transition. We can always still connect for in spirit everything and all is healed and whole.



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